We are Submitted! IR@H Bromine Group.

It has been a long build season, and a longer adventure with the Judging and making sure our Robot moves and does properly. However we are happy to confirm that our Team, has submitted 4 of the 5 assigned tasks (3 were required) and we are DONE!

Our team was able to submit (with honors) our Autonomous Navigation challenge, the Teleop (person controlled) Navigation Challenge, The Accuracy Challenge, and the Power Port Challenge (How many points scored in 1 minute).

We as a team are super pumped about it, and have been watching diligently the updated scoreboards weekly! The Link to view the Rankings and who we are up against is here.

In other news! We competed and were judged in our Chairman’s Award recently, as well as showcasing our Robot with the Infinite Recharge at Home Judges panel via a Microsoft Team’s Meeting. Our students did a wonderful job leading the charge and sharing with the judges what our Team has accomplished this year, and what Amazing projects and tasks Upsala has done for Central Minnesota! Below is a combined Video Submission of our tasks from this year.

We are proud of what our students have created, and we are super excited for the future of Robotics in Upsala!

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