NMRC here we come!

As of our last writing we did not have confirmed details about being able to participate in an event. But last week we received information that our Conference is hosting as close to a week 0 event as possible for us!

As a team we will be traveling to the Sanford center in Bemidji, MN on April 17th. With that we will compete as one of 24 teams in a small localized event that is capable of holding up to 800 people including staff, volunteers, competitors and spectators.

This will not be a formal championship event, and will be done using plywood materials. But it is still going to be fun! This will give us a shot to try use our robot in a mock competition setting.

Also! We have found out the FIRST Updates Now will be coming out to stream the event and to do a number of Behind the Bumpers interviews too of our NMRC teams! A super opportunity for our students to share the hard work and decision making that went into our robots!

More details to come!

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