Woodie Flower’s, Chairman’s, and judged submissions Oh My!

“I Play with Robots!” That’s our theme, and that is what we are doing! It’s been a wild last few weeks, in preparation for submissions! So far, we have successfully submitted the Woodie Flowers Award, Today (Thursday) we are going to submit our Chairman’s Award, and by next week, we need to submit our Videos of our robot in action! WOW! It’s deadline time, and we are on the cusp of huge amounts of success!

So far, our programmers have been doing a dynamite job getting the robot programmed and ready for the Autonomous modes! We have spent the greater part of three weeks working on an autonomous obstacle course, and we now have our completed video submission for it done! We managed to get our robot out and around the barrel race course in under 12 seconds! Super job to the programmers for that!

Our build team has been working tirelessly on finishing the upper shooter. Last week, we stripped it all down and built anew with the final aluminum cast. The robot is looking to be in top shape for this weekend and for lots of gameplay practice ahead!

This week we will be posting a number of videos to our Youtube channel to share some of our findings, the submission videos, and also a tour of the bot! Exciting times ahead!

Thank you again to all of our sponsors and supporters for this Robotics Program! We all at Team 4480 – appreciate it!

Here is our robot Driving the Barrel Race Course flawlessly in under 12 seconds!
Here’s an example of our Shooter in action! (Note, we did make a few minor changes to the feeding mechanism)

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