We Play with robots!

Hello everyone, and welcome back! It has been a very long time since we have posted any updates, and we apologize for that. Our team has been making great strides this season working with the few veterans we have, Helping our many Rookies find a happy home within the team, and also doing lots of … Continue reading We Play with robots!

Let’s Get Energized!

The 2023 Build Season has now started, and we are beginning the prototyping part of our development! Currently We have a Chassis that will be completed by Saturday. We've also developed some ideas for the manipulation and gameplay aspect! As our team knows in the past, It's a challenge at the start, but further in … Continue reading Let’s Get Energized!

NMRC Championship and Open Recap

The Upsala Robotics team participated at the NMRC championship event on Friday October 28, and the NMRC Open event on Saturday, October 29th. For the Championship, UC-Botics brought 9 students to competition, 5 of which are new to the team this year! After some struggle early on with motors stripping out from usage, the team … Continue reading NMRC Championship and Open Recap