Let’s Get Energized!

The 2023 Build Season has now started, and we are beginning the prototyping part of our development! Currently We have a Chassis that will be completed by Saturday. We’ve also developed some ideas for the manipulation and gameplay aspect! As our team knows in the past, It’s a challenge at the start, but further in it gets so much better!

Our Robotics team received a great opportunity this last week. The Northern Minnesota Robotics Conference sent our Robotics team an invitation to participate in a demonstration for the Minnesota School Board Association at the Minneapolis Convention Center. It was a wonderful time sharing how Robotics has made an impact on our students, what skills they have developed, and why FIRST Robotics is important for STEM Education. Our three representatives did a marvelous job and shared many great opportunities for Superintendents and School Board members from around the state attempts to go behind the glass and try driving a robot!

This coming week the team will be sending out team apparel information for new shirts and more. Plus we will. be looking at refining our Intake and Manipulators moving forward!

Happy Trails all!

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