Season updates 3.0

Well we have been working incredibly hard on our robot, and we are making some major progress! We had the Week 0 Scrimmage event at Nevis Last weekend, and it went amazing! Our robot looked awesome gliding around the floor, picking up Cargo, and scoring it. Plus the quick climber was better yet!

We do have some more work ahead of us, but we are near completion!

At this time we would really like to thank our Sponsors and supporters for the year. Without their help we would not be celebrating 10 years of making Robots, and being able to influence our future generations!

Thank you Gene Haas Foundation, Medtronic, Argosy Foundation, National Guard, Felling Trailers, Upsala Area Schools, and the Northern Minnesota Robotics Conference.

Practice Match from Week 0 – Nevis, MN

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