UC-Botics Gives Back!

written by Andymark.

Team 4480, UC-Botics from Upsala, MN found a way for retired game pieces to benefit others. They recently ordered retired FIRST Tech Challenge and FRC game pieces from AndyMark and donated these items their school’s Special Education and Physical Education departments. Inspired by Team 3102 (Tech No Tigers) of Nevis, MN who did a similar activity, the UC-Botics went a step further. 

“With COVID-19 running people down, this was our opportunity to give back and hopefully make a difference,” explained team mentor, Curtis Robertson. While the game pieces are relatively inexpensive when buying the product new from AndyMark, the shipping costs are not discounted. “We have had some funding and resources provided to us in the past, and we managed to secure a larger sponsor this year who helped fund our shipping costs,” Robertson explained. 

“Our Physical Education department was thrilled to receive the large inflatable kickballs from Deep Space,” he said. “The other really well received item for the PE department was the golf balls. They had clubs and supplies in storage but no means to use them.” 

Kindergarten classes received the foam blocks (Relic Recovery) and stackable bricks (SKYSTONE), and according to Robertson were well received by teachers and children alike!

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