Preparing for the future!

It has been a unique school year so far, but our team is starting to take shape! We held an initial informational meeting earlier this year just highlighting some of the details and what we do as a team. And now, we are finding out more details specific to the 2021 season. This year we are participating in the FIRST Robotics competition, however with the COVID-19 Pandemic occurring and the not very likely chance to compete in person, we will be competing digitally! So, What does that mean? Well we are still going to be working on building a robot, and developing our skills and abilities this year, but ultimately we might not be able to compete in person at a large venue as we have in the past.

Our Northern Minnesota Robotics Conference, is looking to possibly host a few smaller get togethers to at least “Scrimmage” if anything with the robots to see how they compete and do. Part of our competition online this year is showcasing your robot and how well it can perform certain tasks, and it would be fun and incredibly helpful to do that with atleast a few neighboring teams if we can’t do it at a large venue.

Unfortunately there are still a lot of Unknowns at this time, but what is known is we (UC-Botics) will be participating and it is all thanks to our sponsors so far this year! Thank you NASA, Medtronic, Gene Haas Foundation and Sourcewell!

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