FIRST update 20-21!

Well, This school year has already been off to a unique start and we are getting ourselves reacquainted to being back at school! Our school is really fortunate to be Face to Face already for the start of the school year, and that is a unique but fortunate situation for our district.

We did host an initial information meeting, however we are looking to do a second one soon! Our team is looking young and eager to get started!

Some interesting news however has occurred, and that is the most recent FIRST 20/21 season information that was released just the other day. (Full Article) In summary – FIRST is offering an online experience this year, and that allows us to compete in three (possibly four) separate fields.

  1. compete online to create a brand new FRC game
  2. Tie the current Infinite Recharge game to a real life scenario and purpose
  3. Perform and advocate a variety of skill based challenges that showcase our robot from a far!
  4. (Possible) in person competition as well! This would be a very slim “possibility” depending on how FUM and MN FIRST can organize venues and more.

Also, in talks with the NMRC – Northern Minnesota Robotics Conference – We might be building a Corn Hole Robot! This would be something that we are going to build because we can, and who wouldn’t want to prove their might at beating a robot in cornhole?

More details coming soon! Have an awesome start of Fall!

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