Competition was Amazing!

We had a great time! It was definitely a busy time from Thursday through Saturday! All in all, we didn’t fair the best in rankings (Went 2-7 overall). Our first two wins were our first two matches. Following, we had a hard time finding a strong alliance that could shoot balls during the Teleop mode. Beyond the difficulties, we as a team and robot performed well! Ultimately our Autonomous was consistent on putting 3 in the top and moving forward, and our climb went 6 for 9. The few times we missed were due to our strap being caught by a bolt, and missing the bar before pulling it in. We managed to climb the last 4 matches effectively and efficiently.

Speaking of climbs, Our First match on Saturday was super exciting because both alliances put all three robots on the bar and climbed with balance! That’s 90 points to each side! The crowd was incredibly loud and cheering and excitement flowed throughout the arena! It was a great spectacle to see.

Our team did a great job, Some of our setbacks were a Broken Lug on our 8″ VEX Mecanum wheel (Only one broke throughout the entirety of our practice and matches!), A few times the strap for our climb being pulled and stretched in the wrong direction, decreasing the amount of swing our Arm had when fully deployed for climb, A grounding issue during inspections (We had a USB Cable touching the chassis, and it was pulling a current through the chassis which is a no-no!), and lastly just a few code updates and fixes to make driving smoother.

With the off-season now upon us, we will take some time to thank our many sponsors and supporters this year! We also will begin looking forward to our off-season event with the NMRC Championship – which is Hosted in Upsala this October! See you all then!

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