Week 2 – Competition Time!

Well it is finally here! Time for Competition! Our team has been doing a great job mopping up the fine details, and getting our robot “U-P-8” Ready for competition! If you are wondering – UP (Upsala) – 8 (Years as a team).

We do have a few things that have been going well! For Example our Shooter is now pulling in a solid 80% + on its accuracy levels! We’ve been playing with some speeds and adjustments on locations, but it is working phenomenally!

We managed to get our climb down to 5 seconds or less! Next up! Autonomous code…….

Our PR Team has been working diligently on its presentation for the Chairman’s Award. That said! Here is a “small” document that has been created that highlights our History as a team! It includes number of students, sponsorships, alumni, and also our budgetary breakdown. All of this was meant to be provided as a level of Transparency of who we are, and what we do!

See you all in Duluth at the Lake Superior Regional! Looking forward to having a blast with the 126 Teams that are proposed to be there!

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