It’s the Final Countdown!

Here we are… The end of Build season! We have a robot that moves, it cycles balls, and it shoots! Still working on our climb mechanism and attempting to spin the wheel of fortune. Otherwise, we are looking like we are on target for our Duluth Trip!

Speaking of Duluth! A bit of an update for this as well: We will be leaving the School at/around 12:30pm (After First Lunch), to leave and travel to Duluth. While we are there our team will stay at Spirit Mountain INN. Thursday is our “practice” and inspections day. Friday and Saturday is all competitions! We will post a link to watch our Live stream of the competition on Twitch, or the Blue Alliance. Then lastly on a very tired and groggy Sunday we will return to the great town of Upsala!

Our release video isn’t 100% complete yet, but we will be launching our robot reveal relatively soon (hopefully by Saturday!). And lastly We would really like to take this time to Thank 100% of our sponsors and our alumni, and everyone who has made this season a possibility! In reality without you, our program would not be where it is today!

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